Help - Errors and Corrections

Every effort is made to ensure that this list is as accurate as possible. Statistical checks on the integrity of the list are performed. Additionally, among other things:

1) Events are monitored to ensure, as far as possible, that nothing slips the net. There is constant contact between the ECF and the local graders.
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But errors of detail will occur, and the ECF is always ready to correct them. Corrections will then appear in this online list. Revised ratings will be re-calculated and published where the correction affected games played in the past six months.

To notify an error:

1) Player details. Please let us know if your name (or your age, or other detail) is incorrectly recorded. Email the Grading Administrator at

Also let the Administrator know if you find you have two (or more) different entries in the list. He can easily merge them. Until they are merged, your grading calculations may be incorrect.

2) Game results. Players are advised to check that their current-season results (as published on this site) are correct. Please check as the season progresses: don't save everything for the July/August logjam. Remember, however, that games will not appear immediately. Leagues usually report only twice a year, and congresses vary in promptness. (Check "Events" above.)

In the case of incorrect or missing results, your first contact should normally be with the organisers of the event. The ECF can only grade what organisers send. But it will always correct errors which can be confirmed by the organiser, by the local grader, or indeed by the opponent.

Do not worry about incorrect or meaningless board numbers, or even incorrect colours. Such errors are not rare, but they have no effect on grading. Game dates are sometimes approximations, especially in the case of club internal events where dates may not be known.

Note that one class of correction is usually not feasible:

Club affiliations
Club affiliations cannot be always up to date. Your most recent known club will be listed, whatever its vintage. Otherwise, clubs listed are those you have been associated with over the last two or three years. Please do not write to say you have joined a new club, or left an old one. The system is automated. Your new club will be registered automatically as soon as the ECF receives results going with it. Your old club will disappear automatically after two or three years, and in the meantime is useful for identification purposes.

Sometimes the automatic deletion fails because organisers have gone on quoting your old club (don't let them do this!). Please write if a lapsed club, other than your most recent, lingers for more than three years.

Club Corrections
If the entry for your Club or Clubs on the grading database shows a Club affiliation which is different from the Club you wish to be shown, we would be happy to change this. In that case, please email Matt at indicating: your name, your grading reference, the club(s) current shown, and the Club(s) you wish to be shown. This change will take effect from the date of the next updating of grades which usually occurs monthly.

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