Help - Game Lists

Players are advised to check that their current-season results published on this site are correct. Please check as the season progresses: don't save everything for the July/August logjam. In the case of incorrect or missing results, your first contact should normally be with the organisers of the event. The ECF can only grade what organisers send. But we will always correct errors which can be confirmed by the organiser, by the local reporter, or indeed by the opponent.

Game lists here are updated in real time whenever a rating report is submitted by its organiser or reporter. Every night the Rating Robot recalculates ratings for all games played in recent months. This re-calculation may adjust the Revised Rating for players in recent months. Although some rating reports may be delayed, known games will always be rated in chronological order, and, eventually, the Revised Rating List will be based on all games played before the date of that list.

Original Ratings are published on the first day of each month. They will never be revised. They may be used by events which require fixed ratings for eligibility purposes.

In a game list, the opponent's grade is given with each game. This is usually the opponent's latest Revised Rating from the previous month. However, if the opponent is a new player then an estimated Partial Grade may be assigned to him.

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