Help - Player Identification

A major problem experienced when rating players is their identification. Players with similar names are sometimes wrongly conflated. More often, a single player acquires two or more identities because no one is sure whether it is the same person each time. It is helpful if:

(1) Event organisers and match captains ensure that they report: players' forenames (not just initial and surname); their date of birth if known; and, where possible, their ECF Code from this List. In the case of new players, congress organisers must report the club (or place of residence). For existing players, if they report the club they must ensure that it comes from the player himself. Not from this list. Clubs in this list may be out of date.
(2) Players make sure that event organisers have their correct details. If moving to a different area, or playing in a new event, please ensure that match captains and congress organisers know where you are from and enter your ECF Code and full name on result sheets and pairing cards (or in their computer files as the case may be).

Date of Birth and Age

Date of birth is very helpful in player identification. Additionally, as the junior rating enhancement is based on age, it is especially important that we have the Date of Birth for juniors.

Out of respect for the confidentiality of personal data, dates of birth and ages are not published.

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