Help - Introduction

Welcome to the new ECF Rating website, launched in September 2020.

The old ECF Grading website will not be updated after August 2020:

Four-Digit Ratings

From now on the traditional three-digit grades are replaced with four-digit ratings, bringing compatibility with international FIDE ratings.

Monthly Rating Lists

A new Rating List will appear here on the first day of each month. It will include all results reported before that date.

Live Data

This website shows live data from the new master rating database.
It will be updated whenever new results are reported, and revised ratings will be updated each night.

Faster Reporting Cycle

The ECF encourages quick submission of results. Results can appear on this site the next day, but that depends on the voluntary efforts of event organisers and local reporters. To aid them this database can now proof-read and accept uploaded result submission files.
While these faster submission methods are being adopted, we will tolerate delays equivalent to the old reporting cycle.

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