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The menu bar runs along the top or bottom of every page. Click on the ECF logo to change the colour theme of the website. Use the search box to select player, clubs or events.
Other menu commands are:


Click on 'Clubs' in the menu bar to see all 2,500 recently active clubs.
Choose a county or region from 'Associations' to get a shorter list.
Type type 'bir' the Search box to select clubs like Birmingham.
Click on the the heading of any column to resort the list.


The database contains 30,000 events which have been Graded or Rated since 2001.
Select events by year and by playing speed. Type in the Search box to narrow the list.
Click on the event name to see the game results.


There are about 135,000 names in the database. Some 18,000 players have active ratings
Type 'jo smit' to find players like John Smith. A search may return similar sounding names
Click on a player's ECF Code to see his Profile and History
Click on a player's name or his rating to see his Games or Rating Calculations

Top Players

This command lists the top 100 players in various categories


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